It Starts With Food

We were throwing a brunch party April 1st. We were hosting 35 friends for a housewarming of our new apartment, and I was hashing out the details via text with a friend.

Casually she drops that she's doing Whole30.

Like most things she tells me about, I'm instantly in.

This time, it's because I've known desperately that I need to make some serious changes in my life. I'll detail the nitty gritty soon enough.

Lickety-split, I order the book, I read the site, and I start to find some recipes.

I ask my friend Anna who lives down the block if she'll join me, as she and her husband love to cook and would be great support. "We're doing it! We're on day 7!" She tells me. Life is getting better already.

I tell another neighbor, who's asking me if I'd like to start running with her a couple of times a week, and she's in. For her it's a bit trickier as she's a pescatarian, but she's such a great wing-man, and in.

My husband, thank heavens, was in. I'm not sure I could have done this without him (I write, merely on Day 5). He makes me feel like we can do anything, and it's perpetually inspiring. He also was the first to panic at what he'd eat or not eat this week, and so I'm feverishly trying to plan ahead.

It's been a week of cooking and shopping for food and digging for recipes and I'm loving it.

Black coffee is fair game, so all will be okay.


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